Australian Tattoo History - Edition 1

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Australian Tattoo History - Edition 1


Australian Tattoo History - Edition 1, is the first instalment of an ongoing series on Australia's rich tattoo history (also including New Zealand).

Edition 1 includes 84, A4 pages of exclusive, unseen flash, articles, hits and memories from contributors;

  • Alex and Max Chater;
  • Bev Nicholas;
  • Big Pete;
  • Bob Wood;
  • Cliffe Clayton;
  • Greg Ardron;
  • Nelson;
  • Nick & Pete Tiliakos;
  • Shane Green;
  • Brett & Tony Cohen;
  • Tony Smith; and 
  • Wally Hammond.

The first Edition also includes feature articles from The Australian Tattooists Guild (ATG) and Greg Ardron.

Editor/Producer: Rhys Gordon

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